Sunday, April 1, 2012


The Boy asked me yesterday why I was so likeable. I had gone with him to a dinner for his grandma and met some extended family earlier that evening, and had met some of his friends the night before.

"What is it about you that makes people, my friends, your friends, Bethel Choir, DP, my parents, my friends, my family, and me like you so much?"

I didn't know what to tell him.

I never really thought of myself as being likeable, though. I was called a bunch of names through elementary school, I always seemed to have the wrong clothes, the wrong haircut, I was too smart, I'm constantly correcting people (I'm really trying to get better, though!), etc.

But then he waited for an answer, so I knew I had to say something.

After thinking about it for a while, I decided it was because I try to shy away from conflict. I don't like it, and so I try not to have a lot of negativity around me. Or maybe people like me because I try to see the best in them all the time. Or it could possibly be because... I actually have no idea.

But I'm very glad people do. Especially The Boy.

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  1. Well I suppose that would be why people like Midwesterners so much...they don't do conflict, at all. :P Good thing I like you!

  2. I think college changes that a lot for different people....the qualities that make you an outcast in highschool make you a star in real life.