Sunday, November 4, 2012

I Met a Celebrity

I met a celebrity today!

I noticed yesterday on Facebook that Pioneer Woman was going to be coming to the Mall of America today for a book signing, promoting her new book, "Charlie and the Christmas Kitty." But she said that we could bring other books for her to sign as well!

And I was all, "I live in Minneapolis! The mall is right down the road!" So I grabbed my Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook and headed over to get in line. And boy, was there a line.

I knew there would be a line, but I had to pick the lesser of the two evils: Get there insanely early and wait for a long time at the front of the line, or get there just a little bit early and wait for a long time in the middle of the line. Either way, I'd be waiting there for a long time.

So I waited.

I got there at about 1 p.m., her book signing started at 2 p.m.

I went over to the bookstore to pick up a copy of her second cookbook so she could sign that as well, only to find that they didn't have any copies of it! Or her first cookbook! You'd think that a bookstore would stock extra copies of the book so people would buy them....but no.

Standing in line, I had a lot of time nothing.

I didn't bring a book (besides the cookbook). I didn't bring snacks. Drat. I didn't bring a person with me- no matter how hard I tried to find someone to go with me.

Ree came on stage and did her little presentation, and then she started signing books!

Fast forward FOUR HOURS and Laura's at the front of the line!

Wait. Back up an hour. I had been talking to Zach the whole time and I mentioned that the bookstore did not have any copies of PW's second cookbook, so he asked if I wanted him to go to the Galleria and pick one up there and bring it to me! He checked online, and they said they had one in stock, so he drove over there only to find out that they had it on reserve for someone. Then he went over to Target, to find that they had a copy!

He brought it to me in line at the mall, and needless to say....all the other women were jealous. I got many "he's a keeper"s and "you should have had him pick us up copies- we would have bought them!"

Okay, fast forward an hour again.

As I walked up the stairs, I suddenly panicked.


I never thought that I'd be one of those bashful, tongue-tied people when they meet celebrities.

And I wasn't.


She was super nice and bubbly the whole time, and only had to take one bathroom break! I probably would have had to take like....ten. At least.

Anyways, once I got up there, I managed to not make a fool of myself.

I think.

I think I mentioned something about how she was one of the reasons I started my blog, that my sisters like her lots, and that I think she's super cool.

Or something like that. It's all a blur now.

So here's the pictures of that moment- Ree signing my cookbooks, and me not making a fool of myself!

All in all.... I do not regret spending my Sunday afternoon waiting in a line to talk to a celebrity for 2 minutes.


And here's  your funny picture!

I. Am. Batdog.


I have had some seriously weird dreams lately. Last night, I got married in a grocery store. The night before that, I was trapped in a florist shop. But the night before that took the cake. Herein lies the musings from the unconscious mind of me. Not much will make sense, probably.

VERY WEIRD DREAM. It was very Whovian (That means it was very much like a Doctor Who episode, to those of you who aren't cool). I was with my mom. There was an oven involved -which looked like a TARDIS on the inside. Also, candles. I was scooping up some sort of magic sand to make a candle, because all of a sudden, the lights went out outside. It was nighttime in the middle of the day.

Skip a bunch of things I 1) don't quite remember and 2) wouldn't make sense even if I tried to explain them.

There was some sort of alien infestation on earth. They were turning all the humans into aliens. They looked a lot like the Waters of Mars ones (see picture - warning, is creepy).

I tried to figure out how to do a mouse-over so you didn't have to see this image unless you wanted to...but it was too confusing.

Anyways, I was with my mom on a very full bus - we were being evacuated to I think, NYC, and we were barreling past my house and I was all, "STOP WE HAVE TO PICK UP MY DAD," who for SOME reason had his arm in a sling and was wearing a toga? As I went running up to the house, he was coming out and going to the bus. I went inside to pick up a few things - drinks (Diet Mt. Dew, Diet Cherry Squirt, and bottled water (don't ask me how, but I remember what the drinks were. I don't even think they make cherry squirt)) and clothes for my dad- because come on... a toga?

As I was about to leave, I saw MAGGIE sitting in the utility room.


Then I ran back outside only to find my parents standing in the driveway and the bus empty. I have no idea where everyone went. I'm sure it was mentioned in the dream but I don't remember now. The three of us (PLUS MAGGIE, DON'T FORGET HER) stayed at home and tried to fortify our house and that's all I remember.

Oh yeah. Mom was The Doctor with a sonic screwdriver...

Moral of the story?

I have no idea.

Funny picture of the post!