Saturday, July 28, 2012

His Birthday

Yesterday was Boyfriend's birthday. 25 big ones. Quarter of a century. A score and 5 years. One more than two dozen.

I worked all day, but then I got off work, went home and got all dolled up in my dress and high heels, wrapped his present, and headed over to pick him up. I got all nervous when I went up to the door, which is weird because we've been on 1023897389 dates.

He walked up the stairs to greet me wearing grey slacks, a white shirt with thin blue stripes, and a yellow tie with blue and silver diagonal stripes. He looked good (not that you normally don't, honey).

I had made reservations for 7:30 at the restaurant, and we had left his house at around 6:30. We ended up parking at around 6:50, because Laura is just horrible at estimating how long it will take to get places in the cities. Seriously, I'm no good at it.

BUT I let him open his present before we left the car, and the restaurant is right next to Loring Park, so we walked around there for a little bit before it was time to go eat.

I had hoped he had never been there before, so I made reservations at Cafe Lurcat. I put so much thought into this night, he had no idea (he does now, 'cause I told him). I researched restaurants in the area, had it narrowed down to 5, then asked my co-workers and friends for their recommendations, as well as reading reviews for each of them on Yelp!. Then I took interior tours of them (thanks, Google!) and finally picked Cafe Lurcat!

Boy. Was. I. Good.

We walked into the restaurant (after finally picking the right door) and were immediately brought to our table, a little secluded one in the corner by the window. Our waitress came over and walked us through the menu- she was very knowledgeable. After lots of discussion and concessions of "you get that, and I'll get this, but can I try some of yours?" we finally decided.

Our waitress came back over and I ordered for the both of us. Usually when I go out on a date with Boyfriend, one of us will order for the both of us (usually whoever is going to pay). She seemed a little surprised that the girl was ordering, so Boyfriend explained it was his birthday, and I was in charge. :)

We got sweet corn as our "vegetable" (I know, dad. It's not a vegetable, it's a grain), which was grown locally and they cut it off of the cob right there and drowned it in this delicious buttery sauce. Om nom nom.

For my entree, I got salmon with prosciutto butter, spaetzle, and toasted almonds. It came to the table with slivered green beans on a clean, white plate. YUMMO.

Boyfriend got the star of the restaurant. I'd read SO MANY good reviews on this entree that I practically made him get it. Chilean Sea Bass marinated in Miso. Never have I ever had fish that good. It had a sweet crispy outside and a smooth inside that fell apart as soon as your fork touched it.

Since it was Boyfriend's birthday, the restaurant gave him their mini cinnamon sugar donuts with a little candle. But we couldn't stop there, so we got a dessert. If you're gonna go out, go all out. So we ordered the Triple Chocolate Cream Cake with a Peanut Butter Feuilletine Crunch topping with raspberries and a chocolate cigarette.

There were 6 donuts, but he grabbed one before I could snap a picture. :)
After eating a meal like that, it makes me want to never eat again, because anything I eat in the future will pale in comparison to this food.
We met up with some of his friends after dinner, and finished with a good night in Uptown!

I had hoped he had (and he said he did) have a wonderful time, and I can't wait to celebrate more wonderful things with him!

We both decided that more picture taking needs to happen, though. We aren't very good at it, apparently.

I'll try and be better in the future. I promise.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Photo Post

Hey guys. Remember me? I used to write on here sometimes. Sometimes you guys laugh at what I write. Sometimes I don't write funny things.

This will probably be one of those times.

It's a photo post! Pictures of what I've been up to lately- usually the fun things.

I went home for Logan's graduation/going-away party. Dad was having fun bouncing Natalie on the exercise ball. She is such a joy!
These next three pictures are classic. Instead of scooping up the rocks with the shovel in her hand, she bends over, picks up a rock,
sets down the shovel,
and sets the rock in the shovel. Classic.
This is one of the only pictures I have from my internship so far this summer. The two people in this picture are two of my bosses. On our floor, about half of it isn't finished yet, but there were all these furniture movers in there yet from our move. So they were having fun shoving each other on the movers. I'm also pretty sure they played frisbee in there the other day.
June 9, my friend Kayse got married! Hannah was a personal attendant, and I drove Hannah to SD for the wedding, therefore I was able to take part in a lot of the behind-the scenes stuff. Isn't she gorgeous! Congrats, you two!

Becky came and visited me! The ceiling is incredibly low in the basement, so you have to be careful when jumping on the trampoline. We then went over to the mall and shopped around until we met Alecia at Good Earth for supper.
This is totally a card my sister would send me.
Good Earth with the gals. Alecia had to cut up her sandwich, was too big?
Boyfriend and I had spent almost the entire day together, and when he left, I got bored. And colored.
Later that week, Tiffanie took me out to eat at Good Earth! It's incredibly delicious. I'm so happy that we live in the same city now! We also live 3 miles from each other. What luck!
These were some sweet clouds visible from the window at work one day. When they were on top of us, it got really dark and I'm not sure the sky knew what time of day it was.
Zach and I went mini-golfing at Centennial Lakes. Super long course, but it was really fun. He beat me by about 11 strokes. Since then, I decided I like golfing, even though I'm slightly terrible at it. He took me golfing over the 4th of July break. I am also terrible at that.
He may or may not dislike me for posting this, but I just can't help it. Boyfriend got stuck in the chair when he was a little tyke, and the first thing his mom does is get the camera. There's a series of three pictures where he is just in tears over being stuck in the chair, despairing because he can't move, and finally this one where he just gives up.
We were going to go boating with Boyfriend's friends, and so we made some treats to bring with us. He's quite the little Suzie Homemaker.
I made monster cookies. They were delicious.
I went wakeboarding for the first time on Waverly Lake! Noah was a good teacher, but BOY was I tired.
I posted this on Facebook, but to all the skeptics, here is a picture of 'both' of us. He does exitst.

Fourth of July weekend I took Boyfriend up to Pillager to meet my family and have some fun!
We were going to do fireworks on the 4th, but a big storm came through and we had to postpone the show a day.
While Neal and his boys were working on the swingset outside, Boyfriend and I were relaxing inside with the little ones.
Benny Boy is the only kid I know who puts his two middle fingers in his mouth. Such a sweet kid.

Yesterday, Boyfriend and I got to babysit these two lady-killers. Lego time with the boys.
Benny kept wanting me to dump out the Legos so he could put them back in the bag.
Jackson became an architect and designed and built a house with Boyfriend so I could live in it.
He's quite the storyteller. I was making lunch at this point, but I couldn't help but take a picture of these cuties. Boyfriend is constantly reading, but then asking the boys questions relating to the book, getting them actively thinking. Made me smile. Later, Benny and Boyfriend were eating grapes and one of them happened to grunt like a pig. Then Boyfriend would oink, which prompted Benny to oink right back at him. cutest. thing. ever.
This is my view right now- Boyfriend plugging away at grad school homework while I putz around on the internet. And finally write things.
So that's what I've been up to lately. What's new with you?