Thursday, March 29, 2012

Days 8-10

   We'll see if I have a long enough attention span to finish the tour out...

Day 8:

   We got a little bit of a slow start the next morning, and so our host mom couldn't drive us to the continental divide, but we were able to see this "million dollar view". As just don't do the view justice. But I try.

We went to Estes park for the day. It was BEAUTIFUL. Here's Alex Steddom on a big 'ol rock that we probably weren't supposed to be climbing on.

   The further we get from tour, the less I remember. But I DO remember that today was Senior Van Day! Well, sorta. All of the people in the van were seniors, but we have more seniors than van spots, so some of them were on the bus. But it was an event! On the way to Emily Noble's church from Estes Park, I got really sick and was kind of a party pooper in the front of the van. I was still able to tweet a bunch of funny things I heard from the backseat, though!

Events/quotes of the day:
Estes Park illegal rock climbing, complete with Jesus time at the top.

"Wait, wait. Was that a marmot?? Wait, what are we talking about?" - Wes Mouri
"...I'm gonna punch you in the face." - Amanda Snyder
The story game on the Senior van, complete with cats named Foremost and blind orangutans named Sparkle McFarkle. 
Wonderful concert in Aurora, CO

Day 9:

   These last two days are going to be quite boring posts because we spent most of them on the bus/vans! Today, we drove from Colorado to Kearney, NE. I spent most of it on the bus sleeping or watching the movie choice of the day- Hot Rod. I honestly didn't even take any pictures this day, either. Not much goin' on in Nebraska.

Events/quotes of the day:
Wonderful last homestay ever with a family who ordered us pizza, had chocolates and chips and salsa and cookies and pop and juice for us, watched The Princess Diaries after the concert (!), and had a delicious breakfast the next day. Beautiful home, too!
No one said anything funny today. That I can remember.

Day 10:

   We got up early today to get on the bus to drive from Kearney, NE to Windom, MN! This trip was also kind of boring, but mostly because of Nebraska. THEN we crossed into MY territory! It was nice to be in familiar territory again! Tony Blankers was up at the mic a lot giving guided tours/fun facts. :)  Then we stopped in LeMars, the self proclained Ice Cream Capital of the World! 
This was Blue Bunny's new location, which I had never been to! It certainly was a little better at housing our entire choir than the old one would have been!

I'm sure that Blue Bunny appreciated our orders, even if the rest of the patrons didn't. :)

Events/quotes of the day:
We had another long bus ride today, no homestay. It was kind of surreal the whole time.
One of the most ENJOYABLE evening shows I've heard in a long time! The choir is SO CREATIVE!
"Uncle Benjiiiiiii, Matt kicked me in the buttttt" - Jeff Dahlquist
Emotional last usual.

Well, I got it done! Thanks for taking this tour with me! I'll try to be funnier in the future. :)

No guarantees.

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