Sunday, March 18, 2012

Days 1 through 3

Man, I've been doing really poopy with keeping up this blog. I'm actually surprised I've lasted this long. I've been really busy the past few days with choir at least I have an excuse. I've been trying to write down funny things as people say them...and they are usually ridiculous. They probably won't make sense to much of you...but here goes.

Day 1:

This picture was taken in New Ulm, MN on our first stop of the trip. This lovely group of people just got their freshman bunny ears. They were good sports about it. :)

BC hazing at its finest.
SICK bus. I think this is its maiden season. Sunroofs, hardwood floors, and big tv screens. Yes, please.
Events/quotes of the day:
Krista peed with the door open at the abandoned creepily empty mall in New Ulm. That was eventful.
"Criminal and vehicular homicide. Put THAT on your resume."- Krista Smith
"God can rake his own yard." - Barak Zierhut
"Let's make some people cry tonight." - Daniel Rimmereid
"Just so you know, I'm going to be thinking about touching you."- Taylor Bothun to Daniel Rimmereid

All the first year men moved the baby grand off the stage. What good helpers!

Our first concert went well, but it wasn't without its bumps. It was a particularly warm day, and none of us were used to wearing our robes for so long. On a scale of 1 to REALLY HOT, it was Mordor in the sanctuary. I'm surprised no one passed out. After our concert, Grace Lukens and I got to spend the night with Scott and Jennifer Anderson on their farm north of Slayton, MN.

Guess what they raised.

Right about now, Grace is freaking out.
Needless to say...people were jealous.
Day 2:

After Slayton, MN, the choir traveled north to Madison, MN- Krishana's hometown. We had some time to kill before the concert, so we wandered around the small town and hopefully didn't make fools of themselves. We had a concert in the Prairie Arts Center, which was about a thousand degrees- but not as bad as the first day. We may be getting used to these robes.

Events/quotes of the day:
"Sorry I played with your chest." - Taylor to me (He had just finished fixing my stole under my robe)
"You know who took up most of the bed last night? It wasn't a white person!" - Ian Frei (Dan Sandberg had just finished talking about how white everything (bread in particular) was better...except white people)
"Why is my hand warm?  There's a potato in my hand!!!" - Daniel Sandberg
CMOD winner: Emily Bell for putting acne cream on her toothbrush. Whoops.
"This turkey dinner is literally the best thing that could have happened to me right now." - Justin Hayes

There was a bat. On a tombstone. In a graveyard.
Poor Grant. At a table all by himself.

Daniel and his cup of turkey juice. Which he dipped his rolls in. And then drank like milk. I'm surprised my supper stayed down.

 Day 3:
 After our supper in Madison, we drove to Yankton, SD! Yay for changing states. We got to the church and quickly broke up into our homestays. Melissa Bargmann and I got to stay with Rose Mather. She was a sweet old lady who went to bed at 9:30...leaving Melissa and I in the basement. We were super cool and did homework. Lame-o. But it was good. Rose also called Melissa Michelle. Multiple times.

Justin in a tent. In the chapel. Playing a Star Wars game.
After we sang during the service and the wonderful lunch we were fed, we had about an hour and a half to kill before riser time. I had a paper to start writing, so I went into the narthex to start it. Almost as soon as I got set up, I heard some guy singing "Hallelujah" from somewhere. So I wandered around and around for a while trying to figure out WHERE the sound was coming from. I finally found them in the sanctuary just chilling around the piano. So I made camp there and was serenaded for a while. SO GOOD.

Can you guys sing me to sleep every night? Pretty please?
During the intermission, I went to the bathroom (and to check my makeup, I started crying during 'O Love That Will Not Let Me Go'...big surprise). I came out to find the majority of the choir lying down on the ground. Standing up is hard work!

It was warm.
Events/quotes of the day:
I must not have been paying attention today. I don't have anything written down!
My parents, my Aunt Audrey, her son Logan, and a friend from high school all came to the concert today! Yankton isn't that far from Rock Valley. My parents really enjoyed the concert...or so they said. I even got to go out to eat with them quick before we had to load the bus and drive to Nebraska! We pulled into the Best Western in Grand Island, NE tonight. Grace Hanson and Lexi Cole and I have a room together- so much fun! Grace and I snooped around and found the exercise room near the pool. And then we found out how out of shape we were.

Hopefully I can take more pictures... These are really ALL the pictures I have of the trip so far.

These first three days were filled with wonderful ministry, music, food, and friends. Here's to seven more!


  1. BEST BLOGGER EVER! Thanks for documenting our trip so well. :)

  2. I'll tell Frodo to get that ring into Mount Doom soon so you don't have to sing in the heat! And if it makes you feel better, I think you may have taken more pictures on this trip so far than I have all of senior year...almost.

  3. This is so fun to read! I am living vicariously through you. Keep 'em comin'!