Saturday, September 28, 2013

Let the Planning Begin

Okay guys. There's only 280 days left until I become a missus. Maybe I should start this planning thing.

It's hard to start when there's so much that needs to be done. Need to finish (well, really, start) the website. We decided to have people RSVP via the interwebs to save money. You guys can do that, right?

I believe in you.

There are flowers to buy (well, first I have to decide what flowers to have), decorations to decide on (and then buy), guestlists to make, hair appointments to make, dresses to buy, invitations to design (then buy, then send), rings to get, brownies and cheesecakes to make, tents to rent, chairs to rent, tables to rent, signs to make, yard games to make, and ALLOFTHESTUFFINBETWEEN.

This is stressful. But we've got great friends and family that will help us out when we need it. After all, I contributed at their weddings. *coughRebeccaEmilycough* Zach has also been superawesomegreat thus far.

Thank goodness for Pinterest. Or is it "woe is Pinterest"? Probably both. It is both great for ideas and great at letting you know what you'll never be able to afford.

Whenever I get the wedding website up and running I will let you know. It may be a while, knowing my impeccable ability to procrastinate. And sometime within the next 280 days, I will be contacting some of you about helping out at the wedding. You may already know who you are. :)

Give him an Oscar for best actor!
"I need a better angle for these fries!"
Too bad there's no Instagram filter for looking like a dummy.

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