Saturday, October 12, 2013

My Dog is a Cat.

My parents are in Florida this week for my uncle's wedding. Florida, where it's 80 degrees, sunny, with a light breeze on the beach. I'm in Minnesota where it's overcast and not quite 60 degrees. Boo Yay for them.

But my parents going on a vacation and having to fly out of the cities means only one thing. Okay, well, two things, but the first one is them staying with me, so that's a given. More Less importantly, they bring Maggie to stay with me while they're gone!!!!!!!



Can you tell I'm excited? I mean, who wouldn't be? Look at this doggie!

Maggie and I have had loads of fun already, running around the backyard, going on walks on the trails around my house, and meeting the neighbors' dogs. She's not as big a fan of that last one. Which is what brought me to think up this list: 

My Dog is a Cat

1. Maggie will hear something (more often than not, the sound of nothing) and RUNASFASTASPOSSIBLETOCHECKITOUT.

2. Maggie doesn't you say... "get along" with other dogs. Much like this cat.
There can be only one
3. Maggie hates baths. And water.
When A Cat Falls In A Tub Full Of Little Water
Two images cause it's funny.
4. More often than not, she wants to go outside. But there have been plenty of times where this is her.

5. Maggie doesn't play fetch unless there's something in it for her. Like a treat. 

6. No matter how much dog food you have given her, if she hears the slightest crinkle of plastic or hears the fridge being opened or sees you walk into the kitchen...

So wowe. Much grace. So doge. Woof.
And that is why Maggie The Dog is a cat. But I love her anyway.

And if that wasn't enough pictures - here's some more!

The morning struggle.
Death from above
I should probably save some pictures for next time...

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