Wednesday, January 16, 2013


As I sit here typing, The Boy is trying to long jump.

He recently got a Kinect and is keeping it at my house (yay!), along with the games he has for it.

(foul jump)

Since I have nothing better to do, I have recently become pro at football, volleyball, track, soccer, and darts. Don't mess with me.

(another foul jump)

Another one of the "games" he got was NikeFit- I just started using it last night. It's pretty impressive how it works. It makes a visual representation of you on the screen while you do your assessment. I think it's cool how it keeps you accountable for what you do. If you don't do the rep, it doesn't count it. No skipping. This may be a very very good thing or a very very bad thing. Time will tell.

(yay, a world record jump!)

(time for javelin throwing)

(world record!)

I'm beginning to think these "world records" aren't really records. I mean, come on. I'm sure someone has thrown a javelin longer than 45m before.

In other news, I learned today that I'll be attending the MN private college job fair in February. Not as an observer, but working the booth! That will be something new and interesting! We have an intern position still open for this summer, so we will be actively looking for people at this fair. Everyone else will be dressed up in their interview suits, and I'll be wearing my McLagan bowling shirt. Yeah, that's right. BOWLING SHIRT.

Our holiday party is at the end of this month at Pinstripes, a swanky bowling alley. Or maybe it's a restaurant at which you can bowl and play bocce. I'm not entirely sure. We also need to bring a White Elephant gift for the party. Any ideas?

(discus throwing now. he thinks he's hot stuff, breaking world records left and right.)

That's all I have for now. I told you it wouldn't be that long until my next post. Now I promise that next time, it'll be something more interesting.

Funny photo time!

Aaaaaaaand relax.

(sprinting. "this one isn't even going to be close." he's even warming up. he takes his running seriously.)

Deal with it.

Saw a meerdog at the park.

Until next time, Interwebz!

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