Monday, January 14, 2013


Long overdue.

I am soooo sorry. I'm watching a movie while I write this, so I apologize if my thoughts aren't very ordered or concise.

Where do I even begin?

I think I promised you some state fair photos the last time I wrote. Yeesh, was it really that long ago?

So here we go. Thus begins the longest blog post in the history of EVAR.

Getting a turkey leg is pretty much a must at the state fair. We had decided to go to the fair on Saturday - or was it Sunday? I can't remember that far back. Instead of finding parking at the fair, we decided to drive and catch a shuttle.
We ended up just missing the shuttle and thought - hey, it's not far to walk. DEAD WRONG. I don't know how far it is from the Roseville Target to the fairgrounds, but it is MORE THAN LONG ENOUGH. I was almost pooped before we even got there.

Oh yeah, this is a cute goat in the Miracle of Life building (or is it the Miracle of Birth?).

I took a picture in the dairy building because all of those pipes look like things I worked on when I worked at VDFA.
People! People everywhere! People watching is one of my favorite things to do. Right up there with grocery shopping.

We saw the lumberjack show at the fair! Super awesome fun time.

Okay. Next topic.

Thanksgiving! I realize that is a big jump between labor day and the end of November...but I think you can handle it. This year was the first thanksgiving that I did not spend with my own family - I spent it with The Boy's. It was super delicious and yummy, as Thanksgiving usually is.

Pretty table!

Carving the turkey

Ben was having the most delicious time.

We had a ping-pong tournament after the meal. Matt won. I think he practices.
Then the most wonderful thing happened! Well, one of the three most wonderful things. I became an aunt again! Micah James Hyronimus was born on December 10, to a loving family with the most adorable older sisters and the most squeezable little cheeks.

Midnight showing of The Hobbit!

More pictures of the cutie pies.
Zach and I went to Iowa and spent New Years with my family. It was great to have all of the family together, and I got to meet Micah for the first time!

Sorry - watching the movie - got distracted - started crying. No biggie.

Back to the cuteness.
Natalie was the CUTEST all during the break. Right here, she is kneeling next to Micah saying, 'Hi. Hi. You're so cute to me. Hi. Hi."
During the break, we had done 3 or 4 1000 piece puzzles. Natalie wanted to help, of course! She had a bunch of pieces in front of her and every so often she would go, "hmmmmm..." and shove the pieces together.
End product.
As weird as this sounds, I was not all puzzled out after break, and did another one almost as soon as I got home!
In other news, I got my Minnesota driver's license. Also got my own auto insurance. Also got a bank account here. One step at a time, I'm slowly being assimilated to the Minnesota culture. Next thing you know, I'll be USED to the cold and I'll start complaining how warm it is all the time.

As if.

This is hilarious. Zach, don't get any ideas.

It's called fashion. Look it up.

Until next time, peeps. I promise it won't be as long or as boring!

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