Sunday, August 11, 2013

Business Trip

Hey y'all. I took a very important very adult step today.

I'm on a business trip.


Spending the next 4 days in Stamford, CT at my company's main office. Flew from Minneapolis to La Guardia airport and saw NYC for the first time! Saw some bridges, the Statue of Liberty (smaller than I thought!), and the OCEAN. This was all from a teeny tiny airplane window, btw.

Our flight was supposed to take just over 2 hours, but in the end, it was 3 hours long. We had gotten near Pittsburgh and the captain comes over the intercom and tells us that the radar was down at La Guardia for a little bit and that we were told to stay in a holding position until further notice. So we did a few figure eights in the air. Then we got on our way and a few minutes later were told to stay in a holding position again! Cue more figure eights. When we finally got to New York City, the captain came on the intercom again and said there was a last minute change on the runways and that we needed to be in another holding position for a little bit. Again, we did some circles in the air.

At least I got a good view of the city.

We landed, got our bags, took a towncar to Stamford and ate at this little Italian restaurant down the street from the hotel.

Then I hopped on my computer and tried to do a little work before I got too exhausted. You'd think one hour time difference wouldn't be a big deal, is.



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