Thursday, March 21, 2013

One Week.

In one week I will be embarking on the trip of a lifetime.

In uno week-o I will be at work, hardly containing my excitement for the evening's events.

In una semana I will be getting on an airplane with the man I love (plus a couple friends).

And going to Chile.

(That's in South America)

That's right. I, who have never been out of the United States before - I, who have flown in an airplane 3 times - I, whose idea of a spring break is a choir tour in the Midwest - am leaving behind the frigid temperatures of Minnesota (single digits yesterday) to embrace the 80's of Santiago, Chile.

This'll be my first "spring break" trip (choir tours have taken up my previous chances), and my first trip with The Boy. We're traveling to Chile with another couple (Stuart and Elizabeth) to visit a friend of the boys, Noah. Noah is currently teaching in Santiago for (correct me if I'm wrong) a year. We've got our trip all planned out (with room for spontaneity, of course!), going to museums, visiting wineries, going horseback riding, hiking, eating delicious food (I hope), and just generally soaking up the culture.

Our flight leaves from Minneapolis next Thursday evening, and lands in Atlanta for about an hour and half before the big leg of the trip to Santiago (total flight time ~14 hours). Then begins a (hopefully) amazing week.

I'm super excited and a little nervous.

I've never traveled internationally before - especially not on a flight this long. It's an overnight flight, so hopefully I'll be able to sleep.

I'll try to post more either when we're there, or when we get back. Be prepared for pictures. :)

What I'd like to know from you is this:

Where have you traveled?

Any tips for me?

Where would you like to travel?

And, we can't forget your funny pictures of the post!

Z housesat for his aunt and uncle. This is their dog, Ginger. She eats plants.
When men get lost and refuse to ask for directions.
"Was that due today?"


  1. If you sign up for tours, make sure you get on the right bus. My mother still swears we got kidnapped in Jamaica...but anyone will bring you back for enough money. Also, hide your money well....everyone's out to steal from you. And don't say repeatedly say yes if you don't fully understand what someone's saying in broken english because next thing you know a man will show up in your bathroom to do drugs with you. True story.