Monday, June 18, 2012

Ten Reasons You Know You're Poor

So, recently I've begun thinking about money. People do that. People who just graduated who owe a lot of money do that. So I came up with a list. These are ten reasons you know you're poor. Or frugal. In either case, this list works.

These are all things that I have either done in the past, or I'm doing right now. Here goes.

1) You use your blow dryer as an iron.
     This doesn't work as well as you think it would. But it works if you're in a pinch!
2) You watch squirrels for entertainment.
     No lie. There are baby squirrels at my house and they are so playful! The other day when Zach came to pick me up, I was laughing as I got into the car. I had just seen a little baby squirrel try and jump over a car, only to do a faceplant into the door. He then fell onto the ground, stunned, and just laid there with all his limbs splayed out for a few seconds. 
3) You use your boyfriend as a chauffeur.
     Same day as the squirrels. He is good for something, at least. ;) 
4) You cut your own bangs and think they look good (they don't).
     Seriously, I would have to get my hair cut three times as often as I do if I wanted to have a professional cut my bangs. Refer to #10.
5) Your mattress is on the floor.
     As it has been for the past year or so. At least this time it's not an air mattress!
6) A trip to the playground a block away is considered an outing.
     There is a park down the street. It's nice. I've been there more than once.
7) You give plasma even though it's pretty sketchy.
     I don't do this anymore, but it was a good source of money while it lasted...and when I was eligible to donate. Towards the end, it wasn't even worth it to drive there when I was just going to get my finger pricked and then sent on my way.
8) You try to only buy food if you have a coupon for it or it's on sale.
    This is more of a frugal thing, but food is EXPENSIVE. Yeesh.

9) Your pantry size doubles after every trip home.
     I love it when my mother gives me food. She's wonderful. I always seem to come back with more stuff than I went home with, and most of it is food. Refer to #8.

10) You wash your hair BEFORE you get it cut so they don't charge you for it.
    Okay, seriously? They charge you to wash your hair now? The other day I got my hair cut and I washed my hair first. Saved 10 dolla. And that doesn't even cover what they charge you to style it as well. So. Haircuts are expensive as well.

And there's my little schpeal on how expensive everything is.


I'd balance 20 cookies on my head, too, if I knew I'd get to eat them afterwards.

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  1. One more, Laura, this one from Dave Ramsey. Eat only rice and beans. For variety eat beans and rice. (This from me, have wine with it on Saturday night. HyVee has wine for $3.00 a bottle) ;-)


    P.S. Good job with the frugality. Save like no one else now so you can live like no one else later. (also Dave Ramsey, paraphrased from memory)