Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Chilean Adventure - Day 2

Okay. You guys go to Chile and try to write a blog post each night. Impossible.

So I'm writing this after the fact.

Sorry if I get my facts wrong.

Where did I leave off? Friday? No, I did Friday. Saturday.

Saturday we were still in Valparaiso. And we walked. Everywhere.

We walked around and looked at houses. We met a LOT of dogs (stray dogs everywhere), and two of them followed us around for most of the day. We named them Tuft and Buddy.
We met a hetero-chromial dog. He was cute, but NO PETTING!

Typical Valparaisian street. Very colorful houses.

More pretty houses.
In Valpo, there is graffiti everywhere. Some of is it actually graffiti - gang signs and the like, but much of it is actually artwork, and some darn good art at that.
Zach slid down this. Multiple times. 

 Then we walked to the port. This is the naval office. I think.

Noah said it's cheaper to register boats in Canada.
For lunch, we ate at a little cafe. I don't remember what this sandwich was, but it was deeeeeelicious. Mom, I ate all my tomatoes on this trip!

This was the site of a prison museum that was supposed to open in a couple months. Very cool.
The museum was really just on the way to our actual destination, Pablo Neruda's house. Pablo Neruda was a Chilean poet/diplomat/politician. He won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971. He was elected a senator in 1945. He held a diplomatic post in Mexico, as well as in Buenos Aires and Spain during the Spanish Civil War. Basically a Chilean legend. Later in his life, he was diagnosed and hospitalized with cancer. Three days later, he died of heart failure. 

Or did he?

Just yesterday (or maybe it was today, I can't remember), his body was exhumed so they could test it for poison because there was speculation that he was murdered by the junta. We shall see what they find!

ANYWAYS. We visited just one of his houses, the one in Valparaiso (he also had houses in Santiago and Isla Negra). I didn't get any pictures while there, but all of his houses are now museums. 

Our first empanadas! Empanadas are basically meat, onions, hard boiled egg, and an olive all inside yummy bread. It was just okay. I think the reason it was mediocre was 1) it was way too hot to even eat, and  2) too many onions, not enough meat. But still not bad. 
Somewhere in between the empanada and this next picture was a lot of walking.

We ate supper at El Brighton, a house/restaurant on a hill. This beer was one that was brewed  there in Valparaiso, hence the name "Cerveza del Puerto". I think this one was a blonde. "Rubia"
It was okay. Nothing to write home about.
Zach and I shared a "chacarero". Basically, it's beef, tomatoes, mayo, lettuce, and green beans. YUMMY. I am pretty sure I ordered at least two more of these on this trip.
Then we went and saw some live music! I thought this guy was actually pretty good! It finally felt like we were experiencing the culture. Maybe music is my actual primary language. :)


So we had to call it a night.

And that was the end of my Saturday in Chile!

More soon!

(before I forget, here's a funny picture or two!)

When I make a pun but nobody catches it, I think to myself....

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