Monday, February 20, 2012

I suppose there has to be a first post, so here goes...

I don't know where to begin.

I suppose I'll start with the title of the blog. When I was thinking about what to call this, I was reminded of how busy life is, and how my life is constantly being interrupted by school, music, friends, family, the INTERNET (big surprise there), and countless other things. Well, "Life, interrupted" was taken. So then I thought back to a children's book I had read a long time ago, "My Mouth is a Volcano," in which the main character is always interrupting (but he calls it erupting, so cute!). Hence, the title "Life, erupted."

I don't know. It made sense in my head this morning.

This will take some time on my part to make this blog look pretty and learn how to add photos and links to cool things, but I will get there eventually. This blog is not really for anyone but me, but I suppose people can read it and comment on stuff if they like. It's mainly to collect my thoughts on things, or to post things that I want to remember and find interesting, or even to reflect on what is going on in my life- so that I can go back and see how weird I was that one day when I posted "398 ways to wash your dog".
The posts won't always be long. They won't always be funny. They certainly may not be thought-provoking. But they'll be something that I wrote. And they'll be out on the internet. Forever. Okay, this is scary. I'm going to delete this blog and never write anything ever again. I'm trying new things.

Maybe this blog will help me become more eloquent in my writing.

Maybe it will help me be wittier.

Maybe some people actually want to know about my life.

Maybe I will become so obsessed with blogging that my grades will slip and I won't graduate college!

Maybe I will become famous like Pioneer Woman and have my own cookbook and television show.

Okay, probably not those last two.

The point is, I won't always have stuff to post about, or even time to post anything (Life erupted, remember?!), but this is an experiment. Maybe it will flop. Maybe it will be a huge success. But we shall see where it takes me.

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